Unreached People Group: A Fulani Testimony

posted on September 12th 2016 in Uncategorized


In 2015 a mostly indigenous team of West African pastors made a trip to the far southeastern corner of their country to conduct an Ebola awareness and evangelism campaign among a branch of the Fulani people, the largest unreached people group in Africa and the largest nomadic people in the world.

At the end of the week, they made what was to be a simple visit to a contact’s home to meet his wife. When the team asked how they could pray, the wife mentioned that they were unable to have children. She proceeded to share how she had sought out the marabout and his suggested animistic remedies had not helped. (A “marabout” is both a religious leader and traditional healer.)

The indigenous pastors in the group persuaded her to get rid of her amulets, or animistic charms. They encouraged her to place her trust in Jesus, God one and only son. She went into her hut and brought out twine, a ring and some clothing (pictured below) and placed them before the team, who prayed over both her and her husband. She then burned the little pile of superstitious stuff before them all and watched her false hopes go up in flames, replaced by the new hope of the gospel.

How to pray for the Fulani:

  • To truly listen to the gospel (not just out of respect)
  • That the fear of Allah created by Islamic teachings would be broken so the Fulani people can respond to the gospel.
  • For the power of the family bond to no longer be a hindrance in gospel advancement.
  • For a church to be planted among them
  • For the council to know where the target zone should be for establishing a work among the Fulani
  • Praise: The national church is leading this effort with a interdenominational council

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